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As a former member of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, and recipient of the John C. Foran Legislative Leadership Award, Kevin is passionate about seeking funding to improve the Bay Area’s crucial transportation network - which has HUGE needs, but also incredible opportunities to transform itself into a truly world class, integrated nine-county system, including the electrification of Caltrain.


Kevin advocated for and delivered over $1 Billion in Transportation Infrastructure Funding to the Peninsula during 10 years in the Assembly including: $200+ million for the Highway 101 managed lanes project through co-authorship of SB1; $600 million secured and legally protected for CalTrain electrification through authorship of AB1889; and carried the authorizing legislation for Measure W in San Mateo County which will generate over $40 million annually for 30 years.


Kevin also generated numerous “member requests” in the district totaling over $15 million for expanded ferry service, and an earmark in Regional Measure 3 of which he was a co-author, for $50 million for the 101/92 interchange improvements. We need federal leadership and significant investment in the technologies that are going to create pathways for energy efficient, cohesive public transportation and urban planning solutions.


In addition, Northern California needs a reliable, affordable regional rail network that can provide alternatives to Amtrak's existing network. The Bay Area also offers a regionally specific opportunity for increased ferry access. In Congress, Kevin will fight to ensure that CA-15 is a major recipient of the Federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal investments so that he can expand his constituents' access to low carbon public transportation.


The “Four Legs” of Kevin’s
Kitchen Table Economic Agenda:


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