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In the Assembly, Kevin Mullin has been a leader on protecting access to quality and affordable health care for all, passing bills that expanded health care access to all Californians regardless of immigration status, funded innovative approaches to behavioral health care, and made public employees’ spouses and children eligible to enroll in long-term care plans.


Kevin has been a strong voice for single-payer health care to ensure every family has equal access to the highest standard of medical and mental health care and treatment. Kevin supported AB1400, so California could pursue a government-run universal health care system in California and get profits out of health care. Kevin recognizes that care cannot be interrupted during any transition to a universal care model and will ensure that not-for-profit health care systems such as Kaiser Permanente continue to provide care during any future transition period.


In Congress, he’ll do the same thing, and get behind a federal Medicare for All law to expand and improve Medicare and guarantee that every American has access to the preventative or lifesaving care they need regardless of ability to pay,  and prioritizing access to mental health care.


The “Four Legs” of Kevin’s
Kitchen Table Economic Agenda:


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