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In the Assembly, Kevin authored legislation to streamline the planning process and make it easier for school districts to build educator housing, created Affordable Housing Authorities (AHA), a redevelopment-like tool for local governments to build affordable housing, and prioritized the preservation of affordable units for Housing and Community Development funding.


The federal government has largely left the playing field when it comes to affordable housing. We need a full federal funding partner and full restoration of the federal government’s Low-Income Housing Tax Credit. In Congress, Kevin will work to ensure that HUD is held accountable for distributing federal funds to the Bay Area and specifically CA-15.


Building more affordable, low carbon housing is imperative. While freeing up federal funding, Kevin will also prioritize working with local leaders and developers to create pathways for increased housing development. And in Congress, Kevin will fight to make sure that landlords are incentivized to rent out housing that already exists.


The “Four Legs” of Kevin’s
Kitchen Table Economic Agenda:


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