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As former California Assembly Speaker pro Tem for nearly a decade, Congressman Kevin Mullin has delivered common sense and pragmatic progressive results for all of us by passing over 60 bills into law. He has been ranked among the most progressive lawmakers by CalMatters and will bring proven state and local experience and an unmatched record of legislative leadership to Congress.


No wonder Kevin is the only candidate to earn the sole and unequivocal endorsement of Congresswoman Jackie Speier, Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, the California Democratic Party, California Environmental Voters, NARAL Pro-Choice America, the California Labor Federation, and 100+ other organizations and leaders we trust.


In Congress, Kevin will build on his record of expanding access to quality and affordable health care by fighting to pass Medicare for All, lowering the costs of prescription drugs, and doubling down on his climate action plan. When elected, Kevin will fight to deliver a Green New Deal that bolsters strong workforce protections, building on his landmark climate resilience work in California.


 He’ll defend our democracy, strive to build an economy that works for all of us, and work to enshrine the reproductive rights of every woman by codifying Roe v. Wade into federal law — just like he’s doing in California.


Defending our Democracy

As Assembly Speaker pro Tem, Kevin presided over Assembly floor sessions and worked with all factions of the Assembly to get progressive results for Californians. 


Kevin delivered: 


  • California’s first all vote-by-mail election where voter turnout surged, and achieved record-breaking voter participation. 

  • Wrote and passed the landmark California DISCLOSE Act, one of the nation’s toughest laws to ban dark money in our statewide election.  

  • Co-authored the ground-breaking automatic voter registration to make it easier for every Californian to participate in their own democracy. 

  • Fought in 2020 to get Proposition 18 on the ballot, to allow 17 year-olds to register to vote if they were 18 years old by the general election. 


In Congress, Kevin will be a fierce proponent of getting dark money out of our elections, safeguarding our voting rights, and protecting the integrity of our elections from far-right extremists across America who aim to ignore and overturn lawful elections and the will of the people.  Kevin is a vocal proponent of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, HR 1, the For the People Act, and the Protecting Our Democracy Act along with other federal protections for free and fair elections across the country. 


Here's something else you can take to the bank: Kevin will never back down from structural challenges. He'll fight to grant statehood to Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, end the filibuster, and stop Republican obstruction in the U.S. Senate.


The “Four Legs” of Kevin’s
Kitchen Table Economic Agenda:


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